Meet ‘Carl’ the Cockatoo

‘Carl’ the Red-tailed Black Cockatoo is the custodian of our GROW matrix and is always there to help our students to remember, understand, and demonstrate these positive behaviours. He is young, he is cheeky, but he is always quick to learn. He knows that to make good choices he can always seek help from his friends, teachers, and family so that he can be the best version of himself.

On behalf of the PBS team and school community, we would like to acknowledge the work of parent/s Rowan Zuideveld and Sarah Stirling for their amazing work to bring our ideas to life. Rowan was the creative genius and artist of ‘Carl’ the Red-tailed Cockatoo and our vividly coloured GROW logo. While Sarah was the brains and designer of our suite of GROW certificates and classroom posters. We are very grateful for your time, effort, and skills you have brought to this project.

To learn more about GROW and the positive behaviour expectations at school click the link below.