OSH Club @ Carlisle

Caring for our students is just as important as providing a great education. So having a partner to provide before and after school care onsite is a welcome addition to what we can offer the community.

Welcome to Carlisle OSHClub!

Our compelling programs empower your child to explore, navigate, experiment, and engage in a diverse range of experiences before school and after school. We focus on building knowledge, skills, and behaviours that help prepare your child for a world yet to be imagined…

You can be confident that your child is in safe hands with our experienced and passionate educators. Whether your child attends OSHClub daily or only occasionally, each visit is an exciting new adventure with nutritious breakfast and afternoon tea, awesome clubs, activities and so much more.

Enrolling with OSHClub is easy and completely free. Head to our website oshclub.com.au to find out more or to book in today.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Carlisle OSHClub.