CoRE Resources Challenge

Core Resources Challenge 1
Year Sixes Win CoRE Resources Challenge! On Friday 17th September, 28 Year 6 students attended the CoRE Resources Challenge held at Kent Street High School. This event brought together students from six primary schools in the area to provide them with an opportunity to learn more about Western Australia’s rich resources industry through practical activities and problem solving. Upon arrival, our students were divided into two groups. 20 of our students competed under the banner of Carlisle Primary School, with the remaining 8 joining students from Kensington Primary to form a composite team named Carlsington for the day. Throughout the day, students competed against 8 other teams to engineer mining tunnels and apply their science inquiry skills to separate different types of materials using physical separation techniques to simulate mining. Events included tunnel building, tunnel fitting, an ore-brick race, ore brick processing, sand sifting and magnetic separation, and channel building. Judges from Kent St High School and the mining industry assessed the students’ work in all areas. Judging criteria included not only correct completion of tasks, but also correct use of safety clothing, environmental clean-up and most importantly teamwork and communication. Enormous congratulations go to our wonderful Carlisle Primary School team who managed to win the challenge outright, taking home $400 for our school as well as the winners’ trophy. In addition, a Leadership Award was presented to a student from each school who demonstrated exceptional teamwork and communication throughout the day and the worthy winner from Carlisle Primary was Leyla Holic. We wish to thank Kent Street High School and the event coordinator Ms Kathleen Booth for an outstanding event. Also, a special thank you to Mrs Barbara Courthope for accompanying our students and supporting them in their excellent achievement.