Teaching & Learning - English as an Additional Language

Carlisle Primary School has a comprehensive English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) program for both newly arrived students and those who are born in Australia, but speak English as an additional language. The Program caters for students from Year 1 to Year 6, with a focus on oral and written language competencies in Standard Australian English. The EALD team implements support programs, working in collaboration with classroom teachers. We also support parents, enabling them to fully engage in their child’s education in their new school community. 

We adhere to the principles of equity and access to the curriculum through the provision of high quality English teaching, to ensure our EAL/D students reach their full potential.

Carlisle Primary School is a culturally diverse community with nearly 50 different nationalities. We recognise this wonderfully rich cultural and linguistic diversity and take every opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate this. Every March, the whole school community engages in Harmony Day festivities and in July, we celebrate NAIDOC week.  As our students learn to respect and celebrate their culture and the culture of others, they become more accepting citizens and better equipped to live in a multicultural society.

NEW Carlisle Primary School Initiative

A Parent Network Group successfully meets every week in the EAL/D room.  This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to meet and share concerns, learn about curriculum issues through workshops and talks, as well as learn about Australian culture.

We recognise the importance of students’ first language skills in learning a second language, and encourage students to maintain their home language. The EAL/D team consists of specially trained teachers and an ethnic education assistant, who use their different bilingual skills to support students, as well as organising interpreting and translating services for parents, teachers and the school community. Their knowledge and understanding of different cultures is paramount in nurturing a good rapport with parents and students as they adjust to their new school environment.