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The Canteen is managed overall by the Carlisle Primary School P&C Association, which employs a Canteen Supervisor. The Canteen also relies on wonderful volunteers who help prepare food and serve students. If you have any time to spare on the days we are open, we would welcome you to join our friendly and happy team. Call in and talk to our Canteen Supervisor, Eileen Broughton, or phone for more details.

The canteen phone number is 9362 6118.

Our School Canteen is open:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday  

(Closed Tuesday)

From 8.30am - 2pm

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  • Halal
  • Vegetarian

LUNCH ORDERS must be made before 8.30 am or before the recess siren. 

If you are unsure how to order, the canteen staff can help you.

Lunch orders should be written on a brown paper bag, with the student's name, class, teachers name and the order written clearly on the front. Bags are also available from the canteen counter, but you can bring your own. The money for the order should be put inside the bag. 


The Carlisle Primary School Canteen offers an ­advance credit facility to parents/carers of children attending the school. An “Advance Credit Book” is available for parents/carers to pay money into in advance. With money “in the book” children are able to purchase items from the Canteen. The cost of the item’s are deducted from the running total in the “Advance Credit Book”. This greatly reduces the risk of the children losing their money. “Debit” facility (in arrears) is not available, as recovery of the debt often proves problematic. Please do not ask for this as refusal may offend. 

In the Carlisle Primary School Healthy Hearts Canteen we use “Star Choice” products wherever possible. “Star Choice” means the commercial products used have been approved by the WA SCHOOL CANTEEN ASSOCIATION as a healthier choice for your child.