Parents & Community - Chaplain

Our school Chaplain, Angus visits Carlisle Primary School each Monday & Tuesday.

Chaplains offer a formal Christian presence in the school community, representing the local churches in a broad non-sectarian sense, and are available to students, school staff and parents.
Chaplaincy can be different from school to school depending on the needs of the school and the particular skills and abilities of the Chaplain. One-on-one pastoral care of students is a part of all Chaplains’ responsibilities and this often extends to the school employees and to the families of students in the school community. Many Chaplains are also involved in the running of programs which seek to address the needs of groups of students, such as grief and loss, anti-bullying, or self- esteem programs. These are often run in collaboration with members of the student services team. The range and scope of a Chaplain’s role will be set out in the Chaplaincy Local Agreement.
The YouthCARE Chaplain’s key role is in working in the school community to address the social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs of students, school staff and their families. YouthCARE Chaplains work within the school as caring adults as part of a professional student services team by:
  • Building relationships with students, families, school staff and other appropriate   stakeholders

  • Offering pastoral care;

  • Being a mentor;

  • Providing additional practical help for teaching and school administrative employees;

  • Offering input into spiritual and “meaning of life” questions;

  • Being a positive role model;

  • Providing a link between schools, other professional services and local communities.