Our School - Independent Public School

The creation of Independent Public Schools is an exciting recent development in Western Australian public education. Carlisle Primary School was selected to become an Independent Public School for 2015.

In collaboration with the school community, as an Independent Public School, Carlisle Primary School has set our strategic direction, through the Carlisle Primary Business Plan 2014-2017.

In order to operate with more autonomy, as an Independent Public School we are afforded a number of flexibilities. These include selection of teaching and non teaching staff and management of finances through a one line budget.

Although we are called an Independent Public School, we remain part of the public school system. Like all public schools, Carlisle Primary School is obliged to comply with relevant legislation, industrial agreements and whole of government policies and initiatives.

Governance and Accountability

The various responsibilities of Independent Public Schools include:

  • Compliance and legislative requirements
  • Requirements of an Independent Public Schools
  • Public accountability
  • Governance