Our School - Sun Smart

A healthy balance of ultraviolet radiation (UV) exposure is important for  your health. Over exposure to the sun presents a serious health risk. Students must therefore be educated as to the need for suitable sun protection, and protected from over exposure to the sun whilst at school.

* To educate students on to suitable Sunsmart protection strategies.
* To encourage students and teachers to maintain a healthy UV exposure balance.
* To work towards a safe school environment that provides shade for students, staff and the school              community at appropriate times.

* This policy is to be read as part of our Student Dress Code.

* During the Sunsmart period students will be required to wear Anti-Cancer Council approved close weave bucket or broad brimmed hats (at least 6 cm rigid brim).

* Staff will act as role models by also wearing bucket or broad brimmed hats when outside.

* Students without bucket or broad brimmed hats will be restricted to play in designated shaded areas.

* Students will be permitted to apply a broad-spectrum water resistant sunscreen provided by their     parents.

* Whenever possible, outside activities on hot days should be scheduled before 11:00 am.

* The school council provides adequate shade structures for students as practicable; particularly over high   density play areas such as sand pits and play equipment.

* The school will ensure that school uniform bucket or broad brimmed hats are available for purchase from the uniform store.

* The school newsletter and school assemblies will be used to highlight and reinforce the Sunsmart policy.

* Sunsmart activities and sun protection will form part of the Health and Physical Education curriculum at all year levels.