Our School - Dress Code

Carlisle Primary School chooses to have a code of dress, which is based on a uniform in school colours, because we believe that:

•A uniform establishes a sense of pride, belonging, purpose and identity among students.

•A uniform presents a unified image to the public and can be easily identifiable in the community. 

Dress Code Requirements (School Uniform)

Footwear- Shoes and socks or sandals with ankle straps should be worn at all times for safety reasons.

Jewellery- To ensure children’s safety, jewellery should not be worn except for watches and stud or sleeper earrings. Jewellery will need to be removed during sporting activity.

Hair- For health and safety reasons shoulder length or longer to be tied back.

Hats- A ‘No Hat No Play’ policy operates frpm September to April as part of this dress code.  There are occasions during sporting activities where the removal of hats may be required due to the nature of the activity.