Our School - Attendance

Punctuality and regular attendance assist in individual and class progress. If it is necessary for a child to be late, or absent, a brief written explanation is required containing the following information: 

 - date of absence

 - child's name

 - child's class

 - reason for absence

 - signature of parent or guardian

Notes can be written in the communication diary (if applicable) or emailed to


Alternatively the Skoolbag App may be used to advise the school of the reason for a child's absence.

Although Kindergarten is not compulsory it is important that children attend regularly for their social and emotional development. A brief explanation or note addressed to the Class Teacher to explain absences would be appreciated.

We are now required by the Education Department to mark any student absent during the term due to being on a holiday as an "Unauthorised Vacation‟ as students are required to be at school during the whole term.